Specialists in improving efficiency and reducing the cost of blast hole drilling by helping drillers develop their knowledge and skills.

In the same way that motor vehicle drivers on our roads have a wide range of skills, so too blast hole drillers operate their machines in different ways and sometimes with very costly results.

In addition to this, general growth in the mining industry over recent times has brought many new people with limited experience into drilling jobs.

Learning the skills to operate todays sophisticated and expensive drills is usually not a problem, but learning how to avoid costly problems, get the most out of the drill and still produce a quality hole in varying ground conditions, can take years of experience.
This combined with an intense focus on cost and efficiency means that there will always be opportunities for improvement.

Principal, Graeme Exelby, shares more than three decades of experience to help drillers overcome problems such as hole deviation, collapsing holes, stuck or broken rods, broken machines and efficiency problems.
Depending on the number of drills in your fleet, DTHDS could help you save hundreds of thousand dollars each year!

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